How to choose the best online insurance for your motorcycle?

The motorcycle is a transportation system increasingly sought after by many for advantages such as its price and its agility to circulate in the city.

Roberto Fiochi, manager Triunfo Insurance Administration, explained in the “Moors on the coast” by MDZ Radio (Monday to Friday from 16 to 19 from Pinamar) program details:

– What is Triumph’s plan to cover motorcycles?
– 8 or 9 years ago, the motorcycle entered Argentina as a very important means of transport, both in big cities and small towns, due to multiple causes: In the big city for its easy movement, parking and economy and in Small towns replace public transport. In young people, it becomes the first vehicle, as it used to be the small car. So the bike has acquired a special importance and for that reason triumph pays special attention to the assurance of it.
– Is it difficult to insure a motorcycle in Triunfo?
– It’s not very easy. Through our network of producers and the dealers where the motorcycle O km is sold and there are very nice covers. We protect total theft, civil liability (if it harms a third party), total destruction by fire, total destruction by accident, etc. There are multiple coverages for the different needs that the owner of the motorcycle has to circulate with tranquility.

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We also have personal accident insurance that covers the driver and others to the passenger.

– There are many motorcycles of large displacements that, in group, go to Chile. How does coverage work?
– The coverage of Triunfo has extension to the bordering countries, which are within MERCOSUR. So the people who make those trips or that for commercial or personal needs, can be safe.
– Often it is not so clear what to do with the insurance of a wheel of this type.

It is true, insurance is a complex issue, that is why we want the understanding of coverage such as road safety, which we care so much, can reach the large Argentine public and thus have a safer Argentina at road level .

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