Five Tips to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Online

Medical expenses abroad may exceed 60,000 euros

Two-thirds of those who take care insurance with Mapfre use it for medical reasons

Suffering an appendicitis in New York almost ruined me. ” Thus, a user of a well-known travel website is shown in a recent comment. The traveler reports that he organized a one-week stay in 2013 to visit the Big Apple, but did not take out travel assistance insurance. Hospital admission and surgical intervention resulted in a bill of more than $ 30,000, which he had to pay with a loan.

When planning a trip it is essential to analyze what risks we run and if it is necessary to have insurance to cover them. If the journey takes us outside Spain, especially if you travel outside the European Union, it is best to have some kind of assistance insurance to avoid unexpected bills.

The most frequent accidents suffered by people who travel are health problems. According to a study prepared by Unespa, the employer’s insurance, 40% of the parts that are given to travel assistance insurance have to do with illness. As for the costs, if the insured requires medical care costs borne by the insurance they may reach 65,000 euros.

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“Holidays are the moment when we disconnect from our daily routine and take our time to enjoy every minute of it, but when traveling, unforeseen illnesses, accidents, inconveniences with luggage or problems that force us to return home advance , “says Nuria Fern├índez Paris, director of AXA auto and individuals.

1. Tell me where you are going and I’ll tell you what you need

Since medical expenses are the most frequent and also the most expensive in case of a mishap during the holidays, it is crucial to know what health coverage we have, and at what price, at the destination. When it comes to traveling within Spain, the traveler will not have any problem regarding health coverage. In the European Union either. You may have to make a payment, but if you have health insurance in Spain, you will be responsible for Social Security.
However, if the trip is to the United States, Thailand or Brazil it is more advisable to have some type of contracted health coverage. According to the Unespa data, the average cost of an incident in the Falkland Islands is 2,300 euros and in Zimbaue 7,370 euros.

2. Beyond paying the hospital bill

Medical problems are the biggest headache when traveling, but they are not the only one. Good travel insurance covers other types of accidents that can also be a setback in our vacations. Coverage that is used quite often is linked to the cost of trip cancellation. There is also the possibility of covering the need for early return (for example, due to the death of a relative). Moreover, it is interesting to have a specific coverage for lost or stolen luggage.

“These kinds of situations are not only annoying, because we are in a place that we probably do not know and in which we are not clear how to face each situation, but can have very high costs,” says Fern├índez Paris.

3. Check if you already have an accident insurance

Travel assistance insurance is packages of cover that try to cover the unforeseen that a person can suffer when he is on vacation abroad. However, accident insurance and health insurance may include some coverage beyond the Spanish borders, because we should check if we are already covered and avoid duplication.

Accident Insurance Mutua Madrilena incorporates the guarantee of health care in travel, including overseas medical expenses up to 6,000 euros; Expenses for the anticipated return because of the death of a relative, as well as transport expenses for repatriation wounded or deceased. When a trip is paid with a credit card, this can also include insurance with certain coverages, such as the expenses derived from a trip cancellation.

4. Specialists with great experience

Even if you have travel insurance, the type of coverage can vary greatly depending on the company. In the simplest cases, they will be limited to paying the bills that they present, duly justified, by the incidents abroad. However, there are also very specialized insurers, who have 24-hour assistance telephone numbers, and even agents who contact the insured to assist you with the paperwork.

5. Special insurance for extreme sports

As is often the case with insurance, the key is in the fine print. A normal travel insurance may cover expenses for an appendicitis in New York, but if we are kayaking on the beaches of Agadir or trekking through Cappadocia, the insurer may decline any liability.

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