What to consider when choosing the best home insurance online

It is not always easy to choose the sure our home . However, it is important not to underestimate the decision, since it depends on protecting our home to accidents, theft and other contingencies. Not to go crazy with so many options on the market, the company’s FinTech (financial that create new technologies supported by products) Wiquot.com industry gives us a key to choose the best home insurance.

Tips for choosing the best home insurance

1. Choose according to your needs . The first step is knowing what needs we have and, on that basis, analyze hedges, capital of compensation, limitations and exclusions of each insurance to value.

2. Carefully read the fine print . It is essential to review carefully our safe and know which cases are covered and when not. The largest number of claims to insurers is marked by exceptions or details included in the small print.

3. Solve any doubts . Before hiring our secure we review it carefully and ask all that we have left not one hundred percent clear. A fundamental point is to understand what is meant by continent and by content, so that a proper assessment is made and not fall into underinsurance.

4. Calculate well the value of your home . The policy be paid is performed based on the value of the insured. For this reason, it is essential to be transparent and not pull down our heritage to pay less. More and more companies that allow this undervaluation by creating the underinsurance called and, in case of accident, compensation may be so low that not bequeath to cover even a portion of what damaged.

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5. Examine coverage . Although only certain mandatory damage to the home is the fire if there mortgage, the best option is to opt for one that offers wide variety of fixed coverage ( damage to the home , broken windows, replacement of documents, fire services, electrical appliances, etc.) because if not and we get later, it is very likely that the price to skyrocket considerably. However, it is very important that the policy provides for coverage of liability and legal protection against any loss, so difficult it is to deal with situations where damage has occurred to others.

6. Confirms the method of compensation . Before signing the policy we must be clear how, if there is an accident, will the insurance company compensation. Some do financially by paying the value that has been established and the other replacing damaged. For example, in the case of a television, a company grant money that is valued and another would replace a similar one . This is especially important if the object is damaged home because of a fire, for example. So we must know how it best fits our profile.

7. Notice the duration of the contract . The duration of our home insurance should always be reflected in the policy and shall not exceed ten years later. Subsequently , the contract may be extended annually. If you wish to cancel the agreement, the user must notify one month in advance and if the company makes any changes to the contract must report at least two months before.

Before signing any papers, be sure the terms of your home insurance . Only then you will be quiet when something unexpected alter its integrity.

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