Choosing the Best Private Online Health Insurance

According to a study by the Cooperative Research between Insurance Companies and Pension Funds (ICEA), last 2015, the sector of health insurance grew by 3 percent, with a turnover of more than nine million Spaniards who had hired some Type of medical insurance.

Of these more than nine million, 41 percent of the policies were requested by individuals, 29 percent collective and 30 percent by the Public Administration.

But what leads people to take out private health insurance? According to Dutch insurance company Aegon, the reasons are mainly three:

• 42 percent of the insured believes that the main reason for hiring health insurance is agility offered by private healthcare.
• 30 percent of respondents prepends “preferential treatment in the management of their health issues over other variables”.
• The remaining 27 percent says “enjoy greater comfort with this type of insurance because states that are simpler to understand and easier to save time.”

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Insurance by recommendation

The study reveals that the advisable time to contract private health insurance is in the period between youth and maturity, since after the age of 60, it is very difficult to find a good economic coverage. The same is true of women’s insurance contributions when they are of childbearing age, since they are more likely to be referred to the doctor than men in matters relating to pregnancy.

As for the reasons for the choice of the insurance company, the most important data is that customers often choose one or another company based on recommendations from family and friends. The second most common criterion of choice lies in the price and the third is the medical picture.

Likewise, contractors rely on their relatives, insurance agents and the Internet to choose the right insurer. The latter is becoming increasingly stronger thanks to the comparators private health insurance on line, as iSalud , allowing the user to see different options. In addition, it has increased the perception of the users on the importance of health, and this means knowing how to choose in the hands of who is left.

Save time and money with a medical insurance comparator

Now that you have all the information on how to choose the best health insurance start saving time and money.

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