Car Insurance: Is It Better To Buy Online Or With An Agent?

You’re ready to buy an auto insurance and want to get the best price, but do not know where to turn: an agent will give you personal attention, but an online search engine is flexible and practical … Do not worry. In Grupo Ordás we select the advantages and disadvantages of each one so that you decide the option that you like more.

Why choose the insurance agent?

An agent works directly with companies or insurers. As an adviser, you are well-informed about the products, policies and discounts of the company (s) with whom you work.

Normally, the insurance quote process takes longer because you need to collect your information and investigate prices from different companies. Although not the fastest option, it is the most convenient to understand your needs.
The agent will find the right product for you and will help you, in certain occasions, to get discounts. It will also answer all your questions and doubts about the coverage you want to buy.

insurance online better

In general, the price of the agent is cheaper than buying online because the advisor takes time to find the best deal. Either way, many agents have set up a search for auto insurance on their website so you can get quotes online if you wish.

Why choose an online search?

There are also many benefits using a car insurance search engine. Probably the biggest benefit is that you save several steps in the process. For example, if you come directly to the website of the insurance, you need not visit their offices to get a quote.

In addition, online quotes are very useful because you can do it from the comfort of your home and when you want. Technology has taken us to the point where we can explore prices and plans from the internet, without any complication.

Of course, when you are looking or buy insurance online, you will have an expert explaining to how to find additional benefits or if there are insurers with a similar product at a lower price. To find out, you need to get online quotes from different web pages, which could take longer.

So, what is more appropriate?

On buying auto insurance , we think you should choose the option that makes you feel more comfortable. If you prefer one-to-one interaction and personal attention, we recommend contacting an agent, but if you are looking for a quick quote do not hesitate to try the options that exist on the internet. Just remember: to find the best offer, we suggest you get between 3 and 5 quotes from different insurers.

At Grupo Ordás, we want to ensure that our users make informed decisions about auto insurance, discovering the alternatives that exist in the market. If you need a quote, we are ready to help.

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