Choosing the best death insurance for quality and price

Since the time of the war, when the Spaniards migrated from the countryside to the city and hire a burial insurance was virtually the only way to guarantee the transfer to his native graveyard, these insurances have always had a great tradition in Spain. In fact, no country in our environment there is this insurance as such. In the rest of the EU will usually hire a life insurance to meet the expenses for the funeral and burial but, as explained below, use life insurance to pay for funeral expenses it has several drawbacks.

Consider hiring a certain deaths, given how much we tend to ignore all aspects of death in Western society, it may seem characteristic of people of a certain age but the evolution of these policies, incorporating new guarantees that can be used in life ( travel, health, etc.), has made increasingly younger people the contract.

Why Get Death Insurance

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When a family member or loved one dies must be addressed, in addition to the pain caused by the loss, a lot of administrative procedures and a financial outlay that at least can cost between 2,000 € and 5,000 € according localities and bearing in mind that death occurs in Spain, if abroad (a study trip, vacation or business) the cost could rise to 30,000 €. If the deceased had insurance against deceases, the family will not have to worry about anything because the company will be responsible for paying the necessary money and complete all formalities. A relief for loved ones who avoid having to manage a barrage of paperwork and formalities at such difficult times. But nowadays a burial insurance is usually accompanied by other safeguards to enjoy various services during the life of the insured.

What guarantees does a death insurance cover today?

Focusing on the policy of deaths proper, it is very common to include the transfers in case the family wants to bury the deceased in another location or if he has died in another province and want to bury him in his place of residence. Repatriation – if the death occurs in another country – and expatriation for foreigners resident in Spain are also usually included.

Some loads that will deliver your company are the processing of pensions and other certified deaths, legal advice on inheritances, pensions and other social security benefits, and hiring obituaries. On the other hand, you will also enjoy a personalized and immediate attention during the 24 hours of the day and, if you need it, you can make use of a specialized psychological attention.

Why not take out life insurance instead of a deceased

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, in other European countries choose to hire a life insurance that, in addition to covering all expenses related to the funeral, allowed after relatives pay debts like mortgage or have a more comfortable life. In Spain, despite the fact that the death insurance has a great social outlook, there are also cases of people who take out life insurance to cover funeral expenses.

• Collecting life insurance is not immediate, since beneficiaries must pay the inheritance tax so that, in practice, the family would have to advance the money to the funeral home first
• There is no comprehensive care management and documentation, this would have to be hired to participate in an advisory, but requiring the intervention of the family.
• Age limits for hiring a life insurance are more restrictive and in no case can be secured under 14 years.

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